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“We look outside in, to help you identify the underlying  gaps between you and your customers. We are essentially obsessed with solving business problems via communications.”


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Strategic Counsel

 Close gaps and expand your opportunities through

  • data-driven market studies

  • optimised internal & external communications

  • brand positioning & messaging

  • digital transformation (mindset & business/product shift)


Investigate, assess and achieve your desired position through implementation of pilot campaigns that test results within controlled parameters.


 In an ever-changing digital world, thinkBIG is the node to helping you to stay connected. 


  • counsel on your digital architecture framework

  • counsel on the building of  digital assets (mobile apps, portal etc.)

  • content curation

  • social audit, monitoring and digital landscape analysis

  • community management

  • influencer outreach

  • issue management


spanning across social channels primarily popular with Asian users. You can be assured you are speaking to a full-stack digital mover.

Public Relations

 We love telling a story through a million windows. Convey your messages to its intended audience in the most palatable way. As architects of words, we are not limited to;

  • crafting and building your key announcements

  • assuring your cross-channel messaging

  • strengthening brand equity

  • building thought-leadership

  • managing media relations


that will lay the bricks for a solid foundation for your brand.

Event, Entertainment & Creative Management

 Creating relevancy through experience, emotions and engagement. Use pop culture and O2O events to express the individuality of your brand.

  • event ideation to execution

  • seek entertainment marketing opportunities through sponsorship and/or collaboration

  • product/brand placement opportunities

  • artistes collaborations

  • produce, write and creation of TTL creative campaigns

across a vast genre, we don't just think big ideas. We make them happen.


Our Methodology

Each client is unique.


We don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution. That’s why we are consultants.


We see ourselves as valued partners, taking pride in helping our clients resolve business problems with communications. We prefer to immerse and understand our clients’ business, and run the strategies as if it is our own.



Make your business heard.

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